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Monday, March 4, 2013

Laato Mamma ( The Deaf and Dumb Uncle)

He is known as Laato Mama throughout my village. He has been with our relatives for ever since I know. Obviously, he can't talk. But he has the most expressive eyes that I have ever seen. He has the most genuine smile. His weather beaten face is the silent testimony to the experiences that he has gone through.
 He has been to places and seen things,yet he cannot tell us the stories about it. I have spent many hours with this silent friend of mine. Sometimes fanatically trying to fix a broken lighter and at times trying to look for the pin that got away from his wrist watch.( He is a great lover of wrist watches even though he doesn't know what time it is) More than anything else he is my favorite subject for a portrait shot. He is ever so natural,as he is far beyond the concept of faking it. He is,for me, the synonym of patience. The best thing about him is that I know he loves his life.

A few drags for cigarette and a studious look into his wrist watch is enough to lighten up his face with sense of satisfaction that I could never derive from any ordinary thing. He has helped me understand some lessons more clearly and strongly.The most important being..actions speaks louder than words and a genuine smile is much more powerful than well rehearsed speeches. Life is to live not to complain....

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